What’s The Buzz? 3/17-3/24

  • Skyhorse Publishing company published Woody Allen’s controversial memoir. The book was dropped by Hatchett publishing after backlash from Ronan Farrow, who had his memoir published by Hatchett.
  • The rise of COVID-19 cases has affected the entertainment industry. Celebrities such as Tom Hanks and Idris Elba have tested positive for the virus. Hanks was in Australia filming a movie when he and his wife Rita Wilson both tested positive for Coronavirus.
  • The sports world has also been impacted by Coronavirus. Every major American sports league has decided to postpone or cancel their seasons. March Madness, one of the most watched events of the year, was cancelled. The decision will cost television networks CBS and Turner millions of dollars in revenue. Cancelled sports has also lead to a decline in content for ESPN. The popular sports network is stuck figuring out how to keep viewers tuning in. Apparently they think showing random highlights from previous tournaments was the way to go. However, there’s only so much Christian Laettner people can take at one time.
  • Celebrities took to social media while they are in quarantine to sing a mashup of John Legend’s Imagine. This got major backlash, as it turns out people really don’t like hearing celebrities, who live in multimillion dollar mansions complain about how it sucks to be stuck at home. Who would of thought?
  • A new streaming service, Quibi, has made a major investment in A-list talent to help attract subscribers. However, it hasn’t done a great job in explaining what exactly the streaming service is. Quibi describes itself as quick bites of captivating content. What does that mean exactly? I’m not sure, guess you just have to pay to find out.

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