What’s the Buzz? 3/31-4/7

As the pandemic continues to permeate different facets of the American economy, the entertainment industry is not spared. However, shows and movies are finding that their audiences are more open to streaming, and we’re starting to see a trend with new contents’ platforms.

Quibi finally released its app on April 6, inviting the world to begin streaming shows that run 10 minutes or less. The company bought out Super Bowl ad space, which ultimately may have confused more than clarified the app’s purpose. But Quibi’s star-studded casts have brought unexpected attention. For one, Chrissy Teigen takes on a Judy Judy-esque role, while Chance the Rapper leads the revamp of Punk’d. Users are invited to participate in a three month trial period before purchasing an ad or ad-free plan, $4.99 and $7.99, respectively.

Fleabag fans now have the opportunity to watch a theatrical production of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s hit TV show on Amazon. The cost to download Waller-Bridge’s one-woman show is $5, which is going toward front-line services and freelancers affected by COVID-19.

The cast of Frasier reunited April 1 on Stars in the House, a live-stream YouTube series that helps raise money for the Actors Fund. Led by husband duo SiriusXM’s Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley, stars are brought on the show to sing and converse. In its first four days, Stars in the House raised over $50,000 for the fund. The Actors Fund is working to help entertainment workers with COVID-19 expenses and other emergency strains.

Tiger King now-zoo owner Jeff Lowe alluded to a bonus episode to the viral Netflix docu-series. In a video addressing Dodger’s Justin Turner and wife Kourtney Turner, Lowe thanked them for watching the show and said, “Netflix is adding one more episode, we’ll be on next week. We’re filming here tomorrow. Take care, stay safe, and put your mask on.” Turner and his wife discussed Tiger King on Kourtney’s podcast, Holding Kourt, and received the video message a week later.

Adam Schlesinger, the co-founder of Fountains of Wayne, passed away from COVID-19 complications. His work in different facets of the music industry was nominated for various Oscars, Grammys, and Golden Globes. Schlesinger also won Emmys for his work on “Cry-Baby” and CW’s show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” Most notably, Fountains of Wayne introduced the world to “Stacey’s Mom” in 2003.

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