What’s the Buzz? 4/21-2/28

Here are the top entertainment stories of the week.

Former One Direction band member Zayn Malik and model Gigi Hadid are expecting their first child. First reported by TMZ, Hadid’s mother Yolanda confirmed the news to Dutch publication RTL Boulevard. The grandmother-to-be expressed excitement over the pregnancy and revealed the expected due date to be in September. Now the question remains— does that mean baby Zigi will be a Virgo or a Libra?

Glee alum Lea Michele is reportedly also pregnant! People reported that Michele and her husband Zandy Reich are anticipating their first kid. The couple has not confirmed the news quite yet, but fans have tweeted their excitement for Michele. Gleeks have also pointed out that Michele’s character in the show, Rachel Berry, was also got pregnant in 2020. Coincidence? Absolutely, but it’s a fun one!

The Los Angeles Lakers repay $4.6 million of coronavirus relief back to the federal government. Coming after a slew of larger companies returned their relief loans, the basketball team decided to make the move so that the funds could be redistributed to small business in need. The Lakers are the second-most valuable team in the NBA worth $4.4 billion.

Little Women: Atlanta star Miss Minnie dies. The reality TV star succumbed to injuries related to a car crash on April 27. She was 34.

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