What’s the Buzz? 3/24-3/31

As the world adapts and prepares itself for potentially months of self isolation, the journalism industry is fighting to maintain as well. This week has been filled with many new development surrounding COVID-19, as well as other unrelated entertainment news. 

For one, we have seen the shift from outdoor content to indoor content from digital content creators, many who are still releasing content on platforms like Youtube and Tik Tok. We have also seen celebrities spend their free hours in quarantine on Instagram Live, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers and other celebrities to come watch/join. 

One notable stream on Instagram Live recently was Tory Lanez’, which made Instagram history by reaching 315,000 watchers live. The stream featured many other celebrities such as Drake and Megan Thee Stallion as well. 

Even organizations like the NBA have made efforts to keep the production of content going. The league has announced a video game tournament of NBA 2K20, with one player from each NBA team representing their squad. There is a $100,000 cash prize for the winner, which will be donated to a coronavirus-relief related charity. 

Meanwhile, as some media outlets and content creators have adjusted, the music industry continues to suffer. Music streaming saw its biggest decline in listeners yet from March 13th-19th, with a 7.6% drop in plays. TV streaming, on the other hand, continues to increase. 

One show on Netflix that has recently sparked nationwide conversation is Tiger King, a documentary about big cat owners in America and the various corrupt practices that are involved in the trade. Just yesterday, Joe Exotic, the main cat-owner in the film, who sits in prison currently for animal abuse charges and his involvement in a murder-for-hire plot, has been placed in “virus isolation”, in fear of having contracted COVID-19. Another featured cat-owner in the show, Carole Baskin, is being re-investigated for the death of her husband. Many people in the film accused her of murdering him. 

In celebrity news, Drake posted his long awaited first picture of his son, Adonis on Monday. He posted the pictures on Instagram, revealing for the first time to the public the 2-year old boy. With his curly brown hair and sharp blue eyes, Adonis has become an instant celebrity, trending for the majority of the day on Monday. 

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