Careers in Entertainment: Webinar & Resume Review with Kent Rees

Date: Monday, April 6

Time: 5:00-7:00pm Pacific (8:00-10:00pm Eastern)

Hosted by ELA Academics via Zoom, Kent Rees leads the webinar as 20 students voluntarily get their resumes reviewed. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re light on experience or don’t have the right skills listed – Kent will help make your resume sell you! Rees is a leader in his industry as well as a Brand Architect, Marketing Strategist, and Emerson instructor. He advises graduating seniors on how to perfect their resumes by looking at each student’s one by one to offer specific tips and tricks on how to land their dream job. The group uses each other’s resumes to spark interest in possible additions to their own and to make examples of themself.

In order to help students with their first job in entertainment, Rees balances out his critiques with positive affirmations. “Maya, you did a great job with your theme. I would recommend re-wording your third bullet, while also getting rid of most of your points about your sorority. By freeing up this space, you open up more opportunity to talk about the show you worked on…”, he then continues to verbatim say what the bullet point should read. This is an example of how detail-oriented Rees gets, as he pivots students in the right direction.

Another reason why students should attend this webinar next year is because of the community it builds around the group. While displaying each resume on the big screen, though a vulnerable moment for the student, the members are able to receive advice not just from the instructor. Students can chime in with their own recommendations and view great examples for their own.  In the chat, a student chimed in to ask where Maya got her theme from, after hearing Rees’s approval of it. She shared that free resume templates can be found on, as that is where she got hers from.

Rees’s top resume suggestion, which applied to almost every resume shown, was to never list your schooling first. He said that this is the most common mistake amongst job seekers. Instead, it should be your last point. He said that employers do not care where you went to school and want to focus more on what type of experience you have. It makes it easier and keeps them engaged as they skim through sometimes thousands of applicants resumes. 

Rees’s big resume no-nos are attached headshots. Most likely seen in the city of Los Angeles, resumes that display headshots are immediately thrown out. This is because the employer would never want an outsider to think they are discriminating against their potential candidates in any way by picking them based on looks.

Overall, Rees does an amazing job of encouraging students with his critical and positive feedback. Each student’s resume leaves the session in a better state than it was initially, relieving the student of job application anxiety. If interested, Emerson students may enroll in his next webinar when it is announced in the Fall.

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